An Autobiographical Work


Welcome to the beginning! This writing will be about my life. I have been on the planet for over ½ a century now and feel I would like to share some history, experiences and etc. From the beginning to the present, and into whatever future the universe in its infinite wisdom may see fit to share with me, and then I in turn with you. This is as true a his/story as my memory of events allows and of course as with all experience must be filtered through my own lenses. Well I mean after all, this is the world according to me. My memories, thoughts, feelings, interpretations of events etc.



The View From Here

All from my own point of view. I once heard of 3 brothers who all wrote autobiographies. It turned out that the same events that all 3 shared were consistently remembered differently throughout their histories. I won’t bother mentioning why that would be since to me it is obvious. I merely point it out in case these pages are viewed by anyone who feels they were a part of any of the stories I here relate. In short. “Don’t expect me to have your memories. I shall have my own.”


The Authorized & True Story


An Autobiography in the making. “I Pleiades” The Authorized & true story. From his humble beginnings, trials & tribulations, through to the present day. Read as the child struggles to make sense of the world, and as the young man struggles in the throes of addiction and self-doubt. A child in search of meaning. A man in search of himself. Laughter. Pain. Addiction. Suicide. Light. Dark. Sinner. Saint.  “I Pleiades” The True Story Subscribe/Register for FREE today and watch the story unfold.  

It is my sincerest hope that this story will somehow help and inspire. It is my hope that there will also be enjoyment found for the reader within its pages. Note: I will change the names of a lot of the participants and/or perhaps just use initials, to hopefully spare myself from any unsavory attention and etc. And so… Let us begin… At the beginning…… Blessings upon all who enter here with a good heart, compassion, and willingness to understand…