The Beginning…

October 27th mid-1900’s Springfield, Massachusetts USA.

The baby just isn’t gonna come out on his own. He’s bent over completely backwards with his head touching his heels.

It’s been decided that to save the mother’s life the baby will need to be taken out in pieces. (During this time period in the USA I hear that there just weren’t a lot of C-sections being performed, and so the availability of a physician able to do the procedure was not great.)

As the woman was being rushed down the hallway towards the knife that would save her life and dismember her baby, out from a doorway steps a doctor she doesn’t remember seeing before.

He says, “I’ll take it from here!” And off they go towards a Cesarean section as opposed to infantile dismemberment.

The above story is basically the way it was told to me by the woman who lived it.

You may of course have already guessed that the woman was my mother, and that the baby bent over backwards coming into the world… was me.

On October 27th at 4:06 PM, I was cut from my mother’s belly and entered into this world.

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